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I guess this is the Blog part of the website. I’ll be posting some best of year, decade etc. music and book reviews up here. It’ll take a while but watch this space.


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Dave’s Albums of The Year 2017 There’s never going to be enough time to discover and listen to all the wonderful music that already exists. And then people keep making more of it. What can you do? Well I reckon that you can listen to all the music you can, as much as you can, […]

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Albums of the Year 2016 Here we go again – the distillation of a year’s worth of listening to new music. And thankfully another year of excellent music. It’s all listed in number order but to be honest putting anything in order is pretty arbitrary (and I got fed up with moving them around) – […]

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Dave’s Albums of the Year 2015 That time of year again. It’s good fun sifting back through the best of the new stuff that was released in 2015. These are some of the albums that I really enjoyed – I reckon there’s some crackers. Hope there’s something in here that will appeal to you. I’ve […]

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Albums of the Year 2014 Okay here’s another 50 albums from this year that I thought were rather excellent. It could easily have been 100 since it’s been another great year for new music, but life’s too short. The number order is very rough – except for no.1. Hope you find something in here that […]

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Desert Island Discs Some friends asked me to put a Desert Island Discs collection together. So I did. This isn’t a list of what I think the best albums of all time are. Maybe it should be. But instead I’ve gone for the albums that I find myself coming back to year after year. Surely […]

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This was an absolutely belting year for new music. There’s some brilliant stuff here. Great new bands, career highlights of existing bands. There was defintely something in the water in 2013. 1 – Teeth of The Sea – Master This is the soundtrack to the best sci-fi horror movie never made. An uncompromising record that […]